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be [bˈɛ]
-n [ˈɛnn]

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a (UK|informal) Acceptable, appropriate.
a (baseball|informal) Having reached a base as a runner and being positioned there, awaiting further action from a subsequent batter.
a Along, forwards (continuing an action).
a In continuation, at length.
p Some time during the day of.
p (informal) In the possession of.
p Because of, or due to.
p Immediately after.
p Paid for by.
p (non-gloss definition|Used to indicate a means or medium.)
p (non-gloss definition|Indicating a means of subsistence.)
p Away or occupied with (e.g. a scheduled activity).
p Regularly taking (a drug).
p (mathematics) Having V^n as domain and V as codomain, for some set V and integer n.