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n kar [kˈɑr]

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n An appendage of an animal's (bird, bat, insect) body that enables it to fly.
n (slang) Human arm.
n Part of an airplane that produces the lift for rising into the air.
n A part of something that is lesser in size than the main body, such as an extension from the main building.
n A fraction of a political movement. Usually implies a position apart from the mainstream center position.
n (British) A panel of a car which encloses the wheel area, especially the front wheels.
n (context|sports) A position in several field games on either side of the field.
n (sports) A player occupying such a position, also called a winger
n (typography|informal|rare) = (l|en|háček)
v (transitive) To injure slightly (as with a gunshot), especially in the arm.
v (intransitive) To fly.
v (transitive|of a building) To add a wing (extra part) to.
v (transitive) To throw.