FinnHun Finnish-Hungarian-English on-line dictionary and thesaurus

General Information

Foreword was carried out with the support of European Community's Youth programme and "Future Capital" subprogramme. Originally it started out to be only Finnish-Hungarian dictionary and thesaurus. Next the project was expanded furthermore functions and with English language. I made the dictionary fully intertranslatable between the three languages, which made it unique on the Internet. General Finnish-Hungarian dictionary haven't existed on Internet, furthermore this is the broadest English-Finnish online dictionary available. My goal: to strengthen Finnish-Hungarian relations, together with creating a well use online dictionary.


In our database every word has phonetics using IPA and also the dictionary is capable of reading out text loud.
It searches words with similar meaning in the thesaurus.
It searches antonyms in the thesaurus.
Inflexions or conjunctions.
Typo report (*)
You may correct a mistyped word or part of speech or both.

Adding new words or phrases (*)

(*) These functions are temporarily disabled.

Copyright information

Author of the FinnHun, Finnish-Hungarian-English On-line Dictionary is Istvan Csiszar. The layout, programme code, as well as the database are his exclusive properties. Usage of the dictionary is free of charge for everyone.