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gap []


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n űr [ˈyːr]

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n An opening in anything made by breaking or parting.
n An opening allowing passage or entrance.
n An opening that implies a breach or defect.
n A vacant space or time.
n A hiatus.
n A mountain or hill pass.
n (Sussex) A sheltered area of coast between two cliffs (mostly restricted to place names).
n (baseball) The regions between the outfielders.
n (Australia|for a medical or pharmacy item) The shortfall between the amount the medical insurer will pay to the service provider and the scheduled fee for the item.
n (rfdef|lang=en)
n (rfdef|lang=en)
v (transitive) To notch, as a sword or knife.
v (transitive) To make an opening in; to breach.
v To check the size of a gap.