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v (intransitive|colloquial) (legal) To "walk free", i.e. to win, or avoid, a criminal court case, particularly when actually guilty.
v (intransitive|colloquial|euphemistic) Of an object, to be stolen.
v (transitive) To travel (a distance) by walking.
v (transitive) To take for a walk or accompany on a walk.
v (transitive|baseball) To allow a batter to reach base by pitching four balls.
v (transitive) To move something by shifting between two positions, as if it were walking.
v (transitive) To full; to beat cloth to give it the consistency of felt.
v (transitive) To traverse by walking (or analogous gradual movement).
v (intransitive|colloquial) To leave, resign.
v (transitive) To push (a vehicle) alongside oneself as one walks.
n A trip made by walking.
n A distance walked.
n (sports) An Olympic Games track event requiring that the heel of the leading foot touch the ground before the toe of the trailing foot leaves the ground.
n A manner of walking; a person's style of walking.
n (baseball) An award of first base to a batter following four balls being thrown by the pitcher; known in the rules as a "base on balls".