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n ér [ˈeːr]

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n (countable) A long, thin and flexible structure made from threads twisted together.
n (uncountable) Such a structure considered as a substance.
n (countable) Any similar long, thin and flexible object.
n (countable) A cohesive substance taking the form of a string.
n (countable) A series of items or events.
n (countable|computing) An ordered sequence of symbol | symbols or characters stored consecutively in memory and capable of being processed as a single entity.
n (music|usually in plural) The stringed instruments as a section of an orchestra, especially those played by a bow, or the persons playing those instruments.
n (in the plural) The conditions and limitations in a contract collecively. (cf. no strings attached)
n (countable) (physics) the main object of study in string theory, a branch of theoretical physics
n A minigame of billiards, where the order of the play is determined by testing who can get a ball closest to the bottom rail by shooting it onto the end rail.
v (transitive) To put (items) on a string.
v (transitive) To put strings on (something).