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v ver [vˈɛr]

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v (transitive) To hit.
v (intransitive) To carry out a violent or illegal action.
v (transitive) To occur suddenly.
v (intransitive) To stop working to achieve better working conditions.
v (transitive) To take down, especially in the following contexts:
v (transitive) Of a clock, to announce (an hour of the day), usually by one or more sounds.
n (baseball) a status resulting from a batter swinging and missing a pitch, or not swinging at a pitch in the strike zone, or hitting a foul ball that is not caught
n (context|bowling) the act of knocking down all ten pins in on the first roll of a frame
n a work stoppage (or otherwise concerted stoppage of an activity) as a form of protest
n a blow or application of physical force against something
n (finance) In an option contract, the price at which the holder buys or sells if they choose to exercise the option.
n An old English measure of corn equal to the bushel.
n (cricket) the status of being the batsman that the bowler is bowling at
n the primary face of a hammer, opposite the peen
n (geology) the compass direction of the line of intersection between a rock layer and the surface of the Earth.