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v (intransitive) To lengthen when pulled.
v (transitive) To pull tight.
v (figuratively|transitive) To get more use than expected from a limited resource.
v (figuratively|transitive) To be inaccurate by exaggeration.
v (intransitive) To extend from limit point to limit point.
v (intransitive|or|transitive) To extend one’s limbs or body in order to stretch the muscles.
v (intransitive) To extend to a limit point
n An act of stretching.
n The ability to lengthen when pulled.
n A course of thought which similarly diverts from 'straight' logic
n (baseball) A quick pitching delivery used when runners are on base where the pitcher slides his leg instead of lifting it.
n (baseball) A long reach in the direction of the ball with a foot remaining on the base by a first baseman in order to catch the ball sooner.
n A length of time.