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n A bunch of something wrapped around or attached to a stick.
n A relatively long, thin piece of wood, of any size. (jump|piece of wood|t)
n Any roughly cylindrical (or rectangular) unit of a substance. (jump|cylindrical piece|t)
n (figuratively) A piece (of furniture, especially if wooden). (jump|furniture|u|s)
n (archaic) A scroll that is rolled around (mounted on, attached to) a stick.
n (US|colloquial) A manual transmission, a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, (non-gloss definition|so called because of the stick-like, i.e. twig-like, control (the gear shift) with which the driver of such a vehicle controls its transmission). (jump|manual transmission|s|t)
n (aviation) The control column of an aircraft. (jump|aircraft control column|t) (qualifier|By convention, a wheel-like control mechanism with a handgrip on opposite sides, similar to the steering wheel ofan automobiles, is also called the "stick".)
n (aviation|uncountable) Use of the stick to control the aircraft.
n (slang|dated) A person. (non-gloss definition|(Perhaps because people are, broadly speaking, tall and thin, like pieces of wood.))
n (context|magic) An assistant plant#Verb | planted in the audience. (jump|magician's assistant|s)
n (military|_|aviation) A fighter pilot.
n (context|military) A group (of soldiers); specifically:
n (military) Of bombs, a load dropped in quick succession from an aircraft. (jump|load of bombs|s)
n A negative stimulus or a punishment. (non-gloss definition|(This sense derives from the metaphor of using a stick, a long piece of wood, to poke or beat a beast of burden to compel it to move forward. Compare carrot.))
n (sports|uncountable) Ability; specifically:
n (obsolete) An English Imperial unit of length equal to 2 inches.
n (archaic|rare) A quantity of eels, usually 25. (jump|measure of eels|s)
v (carpentry) To cut a piece of wood to be the stick member of a cope-and-stick joint.
n (auto racing) The traction of tires on the road surface.
n (fishing|uncountable) The amount of fishing line resting on the water surface before a cast; line stick.
v (intransitive) To jam; to stop moving.
v (transitive) To place, set down (quickly or carelessly).
v (transitive) To press into with a sharp point.
v (transitive|gymnastics) To perform (a landing) perfectly.