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n (archaic) A contrivance, device to try when other methods fail
v (transitive) to move from one place to another; to redistribute.
v (intransitive) to change position.
v (obsolete|transitive) To change (one's clothes); also to change (someone's) underclothes.
v (intransitive) To change gears (in a car).
v (transitive|computing) to manipulate a binary number by moving all of its digits left or right; compare rotate
v (transitive|computing) to remove the first value from an array.
v (intransitive) to hurry.
v (Ireland|vulgar|slang) to engage in sexual petting.
n (historical) a type of women's undergarment, a slip
n a change of workers, now specifically a set group of workers or period of working time
n (US) the gear mechanism in a motor vehicle
n (alternative spelling of|Shift||the modifier button of computer keyboards)
n (context|Ireland|crude|_|slang|often with the definite article|usually|_|uncountable) The act of sexual petting.
n (archaic) a trick, an artifice