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n Any cup- or bowl-shaped tool, usually including a handle used to lift and move loose or soft solid material.
n The amount or volume of loose or solid material held by a particular scoop.
n A story or fact; especially, news learned and reported before anyone else.
n (automotive) An opening in a hood/bonnet or other body panel to admit air, usually for cooling the engine.
n A covered opening in an automobile's hood which allows cold air to enter the area beneath the hood.
n A special "Spinal Board" called a "Scoop" or "Spinal scoop" used by EMS staff that divides laterally to literally scoop up patients.
v (transitive) To lift, move, or collect with a scoop or as though with a scoop.
v (transitive) To learn something, especially something worthy of a news article, before (someone else).
v (music|often with "up") To begin a vocal note slightly below the target pitch and then to slide up to the target pitch, especially in country music.
v To consume an alcoholic beverage.