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mag [mˈɑɡ]

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n (US|colloquial) Something or someone excellent, of high quality.
n (military|public service) One of the stars worn on the shoulder of a uniform to denote rank, e.g. of a soldier or a fireman.
n A spot; a speck.
n A spot of light or an inverted V indicative of a return of radar waves reflected from an object; a blip.
v (context|avian biology) To make the initial hole during the process of hatching from an egg
n One of a series of very short, electronically produced tones, used, for example, to count down the final few seconds before a given time or to indicate that a caller using a payphone needs to make further payment if he is to continue his call.
n (context|finance|currency trading) The smallest price increment between two currencies in foreign exchange (forex) trading.