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v jut [jˈut]

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v (intransitive|now mostly|_|colloquial) To behave, to act.
v (transitive|linguistics) To form (e.g. a word out of morphemes, or a sentence out of words).
v (intransitive|construed with of|typically interrogative) To interpret.
v (transitive|usually stressed) To bring into success.
v (transitive|second object is an adjective or participle) To cause to be.
v (transitive|second object is a verb) To cause to do.
v (transitive|second object is a verb|can be stressed for emphasis or clarity) To force to do.
v (transitive|colloquial) To arrive at a destination, usually at or by a certain time.
v (intransitive|colloquial) To proceed (in a direction).
v (transitive) To cover (a given distance) by travelling. (defdate|from 16th c.)
v (transitive) To move at (a speed). (defdate|from 17th c.)
v (intransitive|colloquial|euphemistic) To defecate or urinate.
v (transitive) To earn, to gain (compensation, reward, membership, or status).
v (transitive) To pay, to cover (an expense); (non-gloss definition|chiefly used after expressions of inability.|lang=en)
n How a thing is made; construction. (jump|construction|s)
n Origin of a manufactured article; manufacture. (jump|origin|s)
n (uncountable) Quantity produced, especially of materials. (jump|quantity produced|s)
n (dated) The act or process of making something, especially in industrial manufacturing. (jump|act or process of making|s)
n (physics) The closing of an electrical circuit. (jump|closing circuit|s)
n (computing) A software utility for automatically building large applications, or an implementation of this utility.
n (slang) Recognition or identification, especially from police records or evidence. (jump|recognition|s)
n (slang|usually in phrase "easy make") Past or future target of seduction (usually female). (jump|target of seduction|s)
n (dialectal) mate | Mate; a spouse or companion.
n (context|Scotland|Ireland|Northern England|now|_|rare) A halfpenny. (defdate|from 16th c.)