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v (obsolete|intransitive) To make a grab (to, towards, at or upon something).
n (nautical) A specific wire rope, often used on davits and other life raft launching systems.
n (obsolete) That which is grasped; a handle; a grip.
n (engineering|dated) A device for grasping or holding anything; a brake to stop a wheel.
n Oppression; cruel exaction; affiction; pinching distress.
n (mostly|plural) Pinching and spasmodic pain in the intestines.
n (nautical) The compass or sharpness of a ship's stern under the water, having a tendency to make her keep a good wind.
n (nautical) An assemblage of ropes, dead-eyes, and hocks, fastened to ringbolts in the deck, to secure the boats when hoisted.