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v (intransitive) To get free, to free oneself.
v (transitive) To avoid (any unpleasant person or thing); to elude, get away from.
v (intransitive) To avoid capture; to get away with something, avoid punishment.
v (transitive) To elude the observation or notice of; to not be seen or remembered by.
v (transitive|computing) To cause (a single character, or all such characters in a string) to be interpreted literally, instead of with any special meaning it would usually have in the same context, often by prefixing with another character.
n The act of leaving a dangerous or unpleasant situation.
n (computing) escape key (A key on most modern computer keyboards, sometimes abbreviated Esc, and typically programmed to cancel some current operation.)
n (programming) The ASCII character represented by 27 (decimal) or 1B (hexadecimal.)
n (context|snooker) A successful shot from a snooker position.