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a le [lˈɛ]

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n (archaic|_|except in place-names) hill | Hill, rolling grassland
n (context|usually plural) Field, especially for racing.
a south | South (as south is at the bottom of typical maps).
a (Ireland) Away from the city (even if the location is to the North).
a (rail transport) The direction leading away from the principal terminus, away from milepost zero.
p From one end to another of.
a On a lower level than before.
a Having a lower score than an opponent.
a (colloquial) With "on", negative about, hostile to
a (not comparable|US|slang)Frequently used prior to "with", relaxed about, accepting of
v (transitive) To drink or swallow, especially without stopping before the vessel containing the liquid is empty.
v (transitive) To cause to come down.
v (transitive|pocket billiards) To put a ball in a pocket; to pot a ball.
v (transitive|American football) To bring a play to an end by touching the ball to the ground or while it is on the ground.
n (context|dated) A grudge ((term|on) someone).
n An act of swallowing an entire drink in one.
n (context|American football) A single play, from the time the ball is snapped (the start) to the time the whistle is blown (the end) when the ball is down, or is downed.
n (context|crosswords) A clue whose solution runs vertically in the grid.