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a el [ˈɛl]

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a (meteorology) Of the sky, such that less than one eighth of its area is obscured by clouds.
a (context|of a soup) Without a thickening ingredient.
a (Scientology) Free from the influence of engrams; see (w|Clear (Scientology)).
v (transitive) To eliminate ambiguity or doubt from a matter; to clarify; especially, to clear up.
v (transitive) To remove from suspicion; especially of having committed a crime
v (transitive) To pass without interference; to miss.
v (intransitive) To become clear.
v (transitive|business) To earn a profit of; to net.
v (transitive) To obtain permission to use (a sample of copyrighted audio) in another track.
v (sports) To defend by hitting (or kicking, throwing, heading etc.) the ball (or puck) from the defending goal.