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n út [ˈuːt]

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n A narrow body of water between two land masses.
n (electronics) The narrow conducting portion of a MOSFET transistor.
n (context|broadcasting) A specific radio frequency or band of frequencies, usually in conjunction with a predetermined letter, number, or codeword, and allocated by international agreement.
n (context|broadcasting) A specific radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television.
n (context|storage) The portion of a storage medium, such as a track or a band, that is accessible to a given reading or writing station or head.
n (context|technic) The way in a turbine pump where the pressure is built up.
n (Internet) A particular area for conversations on an IRC network, analogous to a chatroom and often dedicated to a specific topic.
n (nautical) The wale of a sailing ship which projects beyond the gunwale and to which the shrouds attach via the chains.