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catch []


magyar (21)

v fog [fˈoɡ]
v kap [kˈɑp]

finn (14)


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Wiktionary (27)

n (countable) The act of catching an object in motion, especially a ball. (jump|catching a ball|s|t)
n (countable) The act of noticing, understanding or hearing. (jump|act of noticing|s|t)
n (uncountable) The game of catching a ball. (jump|ball game|t)
n (countable) Something which is captured or caught. (jump|something caught|t)
n (uncountable) The amount which is caught, especially of fish. (jump|quantity captured|s)
n (countable) A stopping mechanism, especially a clasp which stops something from opening. (jump|stopping mechanism|s|t)
n (countable) A hesitation in voice, caused by strong emotion.
n (countable|sometimes|_|noun adjunct) A concealed difficulty, especially in a deal or negotiation. (jump|hidden difficulty|s|t)
n (countable) A crick; a sudden muscle pain during unaccustomed positioning when the muscle is in use.
n (countable|agriculture) A crop which has germinated and begun to grow.
n (obsolete) A type of strong boat, usually having two masts; a ketch.
n (countable|music) A type of humorous round in which the voices gradually catch up with one another; usually sung by men and often having bawdy lyrics.
n (countable|music) The refrain; a line or lines of a song which are repeated from verse to verse. (jump|refrain|s)
n (countable|cricket) The act of catching a hit ball before it reaches the ground, resulting in an out.
n (countable|cricket) A player in respect of his catching ability; particularly one who catches well.
n (countable|rowing) The first contact of an oar with the water.
n (countable|phonetics) A stoppage of breath, resembling a slight cough.
v To capture, overtake.
v To seize hold of.
v To intercept.
v To receive (by being in the way).
v To take in with one's senses or intellect.
v To seize attention, interest.