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n (countable) Any of the components of an endoskeleton, made of bone.
n One of the rigid parts of a corset that forms its frame, the boning, originally made of whalebone.
n An off-white colour, like the colour of bone.
n (slang) (form of|shortened form|trombone)
a Of an off-white colour, like the colour of bone.
v To furnish with bone.
v (context|civil engineering) To make level, using a particular procedure; to survey a level line.
v (Australia|dated) (context|in Aboriginal culture) To perform "bone pointing", a ritual that is intended to bring illness or even death to the victim.
v (context|usually with "up") To study.
v To polish boots to a shiny finish.
v (context|carpentry|masonry|surveying) To sight along an object or set of objects to check whether they are level or in line.