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n A mass, assemblage, or sum of particulars; something consisting of elements but considered as a whole.(rfex)
n A mass formed by the union of homogeneous particles; – in distinction from a compound, formed by the union of heterogeneous particles.(rfex)
n (mathematics|obsolete) A set (gloss|collection of objects).
n (context|roofing) Crushed stone, crushed slag or water-worn gravel used for surfacing a built-up roof system.
a Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; collective; combined; added up
a Consisting or formed of smaller objects or parts.
a Formed into clusters or groups of lobules.
a (botany) Composed of several florets within a common involucre, as in the daisy; or of several carpels formed from one flower, as in the raspberry.
a Having the several component parts adherent to each other only to such a degree as to be separable by mechanical means.
a United into a common organized mass; said of certain compound animals.
v (transitive) To bring together; to collect into a mass or sum.
v (transitive) To add or unite, as, a person, to an association.
v (transitive) To amount in the aggregate to.