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n (obsolete) The inherent power of a god, or other supernatural being. (defdate|13th-19th c.)
n The inherent power or efficacy of something (qualifier|now only in phrases). (defdate|from 13th c.)
n (uncountable) Accordance with moral principles; conformity of behaviour or thought with the strictures of morality; good moral conduct. (defdate|from 13th c.)
n A particular manifestation of moral excellence in a person; an admirable quality. (defdate|from 13th c.)
n Specifically, each of several qualities held to be particularly important, including the four cardinal virtues, the three theological virtues, or the seven virtues opposed to the seven deadly sins. (defdate|from 14th c.)
n An inherently advantageous or excellent quality of something or someone; a favourable point, an advantage. (defdate|from 14th c.)
n A creature embodying divine power, specifically one of the orders of heavenly beings, traditionally ranked above angels and below archangels. (defdate|from 14th c.)
n (uncountable) Specifically, moral conduct in sexual behaviour, especially of women; chastity. (defdate|from 17th c.)