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a Not crooked or bent; having a constant direction throughout its length. (defdate|from 14th c.)
a (tennis) Describing the sets in a match of which the winner did not lose a single set. (defdate|from 19th c.)
a In a row, in unbroken sequence. (defdate|from 19th c.)
a In proper order; as it should be. (defdate|from 19th c.)
a (cricket) Describing the bat as held so as not to incline to either side; on, or near a line running between the two wickets. (defdate|from 19th c.)
a (colloquial) Not using alcohol, drugs etc. (defdate|from 20th c.)
a (colloquial|slang|pejorative) (non-gloss definition|Used to express dislike): boredom | Boring, unimaginative, inferior. (defdate|from 20th c.)
a Of a direction relative to the subject, precisely; as if following a direct line.