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stone []


Hungarian (25)

6 [hˈɑt]
mag [mˈɑɡ]
35 kg [hˈɑrmintsøt kˈaːɡˌeː]
6,35 kg [hˈɑt ɛɡeːshɑrmintsøtsaːzɑd kˈaːɡˌeː]

Finnish (2)

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Wiktionary (19)

n (uncountable) A hard earthen substance that can form large rocks and boulders.
n A small piece of stone.
n (British) (plural: 'stone') A unit of mass equal to 14 pounds. Used to measure the weights of people, animals, cheese, wool, etc. 1 stone ≈ 6.3503 kilograms
n (botany) The central part of some fruits, particularly drupes; consisting of the seed and a hard endocarp layer.
n (medicine) A hard, stone-like deposit.
n (board games) A playing piece made of any hard material, used in various board games such as backgammon, and go.
n A dull light grey or beige, like that of some stones.
n (curling) A 42-pound, precisely shaped piece of granite with a handle attached, which is bowled down the ice.
v (transitive) To pelt with stones, especially to kill by pelting with stones.
v (transitive) To remove a stone from (fruit etc.).
v (intransitive) To form a stone during growth, with reference to fruit etc.
v (transitive|slang) To intoxicate, especially with narcotics. (qualifier|Usually in passive)
a Having the appearance of stone.
a Of a dull light grey or beige, like that of some stones.
a (AAVE) (non-gloss definition|Used as an intensifier).
a As a stone (qualifier|used with following adjective).