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sound []


Hungarian (34)

a ép [ˈeːp]
n zaj [zˈɑj]

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a (mathematics|logic) (context|argument|logical system) having the soundness property.
a (British|slang) Good.
! (British|slang) Yes; used to show agreement or understanding, generally without much enthusiasm.
n (music) A distinctive style and sonority of a particular musician, orchestra etc
v (intransitive) To produce a sound.
v (intransitive|copulative) To convey an impression by one's sound.
v (intransitive|legal) To arise or to be recognizable as arising within a particular area of law.
v (transitive) To cause to produce a sound.
n (geography): Long narrow inlet. (Puget Sound, Owen Sound, etc.)
v (intransitive) dive downwards, used of a whale.
n A probe (e.g. a surgeon's tool)
n (rfv-sense) A sex toy comparable to a very narrow dildo inserted into a penis through the urethra