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n A reading or an act of reading, especially an actor's part of a play.
v (transitive|or|intransitive) To look at and interpret letters or other information that is written.
v (transitive|or|intransitive) To speak aloud words or other information that is written. Often construed with a to phrase or an indirect object.
v To consist of certain text.
v (intransitive) Of text, etc., to be interpreted or read in a particular way.
v (transitive) To substitute (a corrected piece of text in place of an erroneous one); (non-gloss definition|used to introduce an emendation of a text).
v (informal|usually|ironic) (non-gloss definition|Used after a euphemism to introduce the intended, more blunt meaning of a term).
v (transitive|telecommunications) To be able to hear what another person is saying over a radio connection.
v (transitive|British) To make a special study of, as by perusing textbooks.