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a (legal) Formally laid down. (defdate|from the 14th c.)
a Stated definitively and without qualification. (defdate|from the 16th c.)
a Fully assured in opinion. (defdate|from the 17th c.)
a (mathematics) Of number, greater than zero. (defdate|from the 18th c.)
a Characterized by constructiveness or influence for the better.
a (physics) Having more protons than electrons.
a Derived from an object by itself; not dependent on changing circumstances or relations; absolute.
a Characterized by the existence or presence of distinguishing qualities or features, rather than by their absence.
a Characterized by the presence of features which support a hypothesis.
a (photography) Of a visual image, true to the original in light, shade and colour values.
a Favorable, desirable by those interested or invested in that which is being judged.
n A thing capable of being affirmed; something real or actual.
n A favourable point or characteristic.
n Something having a positive value in physics, such as an electric charge.
n (grammar) An adjective or adverb in the positive degree.
n (context|photography) A positive image; one that displays true colors and shades, as opposed to a negative.