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v To use a plumb bob as a measuring or aligning tool.
v To accurately align vertically or horizontally.
v (dated) To seal something with lead.
a (cricket) Describing an LBW where the batsman is hit on the pads directly in front of his wicket and should be given out.
a In a vertical direction.
v To determine the depth, generally of a liquid; to sound.
v To attach to a water supply and drain.
v To think about or explore in depth, to get to the bottom of, especially 'to plumb the depths of'.
v (intransitive) To work as a plumber.
v (rare) To fall or sink like a plummet.
v (US|colloquial|figuratively|obsolete) To trace a road or track; to follow it to its end.
v (nautical) To position vertically above or below.