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n (context|Followed by a numeral; used attributively) Indicating the position of something in a list or sequence. Abbreviations: No or No., no or no. (in each case, sometimes written with a superscript "o", like Nº or №). The symbol "#" is also used in this manner.
n (context|now|_|rare|in the plural) Poetic metres; verses, rhymes.
n (countable) A performance; especially, a single song or song and dance routine within a larger show.
n (countable) (informal) A person
n A sequence of digits and letters used to register people, automobiles, and various other items.
n (slang|chiefly|_|US) A marijuana cigarette, or joint; also, a quantity of marijuana bought form a dealer.
v (transitive) To label (items) with numbers; to assign numbers to (items).
a (comparative of|numb)