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v (intransitive) To act; to take action; to stir; to begin to act; as, to move in a matter.
v (intransitive) To change residence; to remove, as from one house, town, or state, to another; to go and live at another place. See also move out and move in.
v (intransitive|chess|and other games) To change the place of a piece in accordance with the rules of the game.
v (transitive|ergative) To cause to change place or posture in any manner; to set in motion; to carry, convey, draw, or push from one place to another; to impel; to stir.
v (transitive|chess) To transfer (a piece or man) from one space or position to another, according to the rules of the game; as, to move a king.
v (transitive|obsolete) To mention; to raise (a question); to suggest (a course of action); to lodge (a complaint).
v (transitive|obsolete) To incite, urge (someone to do something); to solicit (someone for or of an issue); to make a proposal to.
v (transitive|obsolete) To apply to, as for aid.
n A formalized or practiced action used in athletics, dance, physical exercise, self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, etc.
n A change in strategy.
n (context|board games) The act of moving a token on a gameboard from one position to another according to the rules of the game.