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laskea []


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v vet [vˈɛt]
v rak [rˈɑk]

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v (transitive) to lay (e.g. the foundation of sth)
v (transitive) (with adverbs or verbs) to let
v (transitive) to count (the number of sth)
v (transitive) to lower (e.g. prices), to decrease (the amount of sth)
v (transitive) (+ genitive-accusative + translative) to find, consider
v (intransitive) to lower (e.g. of prices), decrease (e.g. of the amount of sth)
v (intransitive) to slide (down; by using some vehicle or instrument)
v (intransitive|of a river) to flow
v (intransitive|of the Sun) to set