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v mos [mˈoʃ]

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n (context|traditional Irish music and|_|dance) A lively dance in 6/8 (double jig), 9/8 (slip jig) or 12/8 (single jig) time; a tune suitable for such a dance. By extension, a lively traditional tune in any of these time signatures. Unqualified, the term is usually taken to refer to a double (6/8) jig.
n (context|traditional English Morris|_|dancing) A dance performed by one or sometimes two individual dancers, as opposed to a dance performed by a set or team.
n (context|fishing) A type of lure consisting of a hook molded into a weight, usually with a bright or colorful body.
n A device in manufacturing, woodworking, or other creative endeavors for controlling the location, path of movement, or both of either a workpiece or the tool that is operating upon it. Subsets of this general class include machining jigs, woodworking jigs, welders' jigs, jewelers' jigs, and many others.
v To move briskly, especially as a dance.
v (context|fishing) To fish with a jig.