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a Of people: steadfast, with unwavering feeling. (Now only in set phrases like "fast friend".) (defdate|from 10th c.)
a Moving with great speed, or capable of doing so; swift, rapid (defdate|from 14th c.)
a (computing|of a piece of hardware) Able to transfer data in a short period of time
a (colloquial) Having an extravagant lifestyle or immoral habits (defdate|from 18th c.)
a (context|of sleeping) deeply or soundly (defdate|from 13th c.)
a Immediately following in place or time; close, very near (defdate|from 13th c.)
a quickly, with great speed; within a short time (defdate|from 13th c.)
n (British|rail transport) A train that calls at only some stations it passes between its origin and destination, typically just the principal stations
! (archery) Short for "stand fast", a warning not to pass between the arrow and the target
n The period of time during which one abstains from or eats very little food