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n (obsolete) A fixed yearly amount (food, provisions, money, etc.) payable as rent or tax
n (historical) A fixed yearly sum accepted from a person as a composition for taxes or other moneys which he is empowered to collect; also, a fixed charge imposed on a town, county, etc., in respect of a tax or taxes to be collected within its limits.
n (historical) The letting-out of public revenue to a ‘farmer’; the privilege of farming a tax or taxes.
n The body of farmers of public revenues.
n The condition of being let at a fixed rent; lease; a lease
n A tract of land held on lease for the purpose of cultivation
n (usually|in combination) A location used for an industrial purpose, having many similar structures
v (intransitive) To work on a farm, especially in the growing and harvesting of crops
v (video games|chiefly|_|online gaming) To engage in grinding in a particular area or against specific enemies for a particular drop.