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erä []


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n adag [ˈɑdɑɡ]

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n batch (gloss|quantity of anything produced at one operation)
n lot (gloss|separate portion; a number of things taken collectively)
n instalment; short for (term|maksuerä) (gloss|partial payment)
n (accounting) item, entry; short for (term|tilierä)
n A subdivision of many sports contests. 'Erä' can be a time-limited part of a match between two parties or, where the number of contestants exceeds the capacity of the sports facillity, a qualifying competition between a subset of contestants. The translation into English varies by sport. Examples:
n As modifier in compound terms signifies wilds, wilderness or hunting e.g. in words (term|erämaa||wilderness), (term|erämies||hunter, hiker), (t|fi|eränkävijä||hunter, hiker), (term|eräpuukko||hunting knife), (term|eräopas||wilderness guide)