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v (transitive) To pull along a surface or through a medium, sometimes with difficulty.
v (intransitive) To move slowly.
v To act or proceed slowly or without enthusiasm; to be reluctant.
v (computing) To move a mouse cursor while holding down a button on the mouse, often to move something on the screen.
v To unintentionally rub or scrape on a surface
v (soccer) To hit or kick off target.
n (uncountable) Resistance of the air (or some other fluid) to something moving through it.
n (countable|foundry) The bottom part of a sand casting mold.
n (countable) A device dragged along the bottom of a body of water in search of something, e.g. a dead body.
n (countable|informal) A puff on a cigarette or joint.
n (countable|slang) Someone or something that is disappointing.
n (countable|slang) Horse-drawn wagon or buggy. (defdate|from mid-18th c.)
n (countable|slang) Street, as in 'main drag'. (defdate|from mid-19th c.)
n (countable) The scent-path left by dragging a fox, for training hounds to follow scents.
n (countable|snooker) A large amount of backspin on the cue ball, causing the cue ball to slow down.
n (uncountable|slang) Women's clothing worn by men for the purpose of entertainment. (defdate|from late 19th c.)