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n A tank or trough where cattle or sheep are immersed in chemicals to kill parasites.
n A swim. (Usually a short swim to refresh).
n A sauce for dipping.
n (geology) The angle from horizontal of a planar geologic surface, such as a fault line.
v (intransitive) (context|of a value or rate) To decrease slightly.
v (transitive) To lower (a flag), particularly a national ensign, to a partially hoisted position in order to render or to return a salute. While lowered, the flag is said to be “at the dip.” A flag being carried on a staff may be dipped by leaning it forward at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.
v To consume snuff by placing a pinch behind the lip or under the tongue so that the active chemical constituents of the snuff may be absorbed into the system for their narcotic effect.
n A foolish person.