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n (obsolete|_|except|_|heraldry) A step on a set of stairs; the rung of a ladder. (defdate|from 13th c.)
n An individual step, or stage, in any process or scale of values. (defdate|from 13th c.)
n A stage of rank or privilege; social standing. (defdate|from 13th c.)
n (genealogy) A ‘step’ in genealogical descent. (defdate|from 14th c.)
n (context|now|_|rare) One's relative state or experience; way, manner. (defdate|from 14th c.)
n The amount that an entity possesses a certain property; relative intensity, extent. (defdate|from 14th c.)
n A stage of proficiency or qualification in a course of study, now especially an award bestowed by a university or, in some countries, a college, as a certification of academic achievement. (In the United States, can include secondary schools.) (defdate|from 14th c.)
n (geometry) A unit of measurement of angle equal to 1/360 of a circle's circumference. (defdate|from 14th c.)
n (surveying) The curvature of a circular arc, expressed as the angle subtended by a fixed length of arc or chord.