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v ad [ˈɑd]

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v (transitive) To distribute among a number of recipients, to give out as one’s portion or share.
v (transitive) To administer or give out, as in small portions.
v To distribute cards to the players in a game.
v (obsolete|intransitive) To take action; to act.
v (intransitive) To trade professionally (followed by 'in').
v (intransitive) To be concerned with.
n (archaic|_|in general sense) An act of dealing or sharing.
n The distribution of cards to players; a player's turn for this.
n A particular instance of buying or selling, a transaction
n Specifically, a transaction offered which is financially beneficial; a bargain.
n (informal) A thing, an unspecified or unidentified object.
a Made of deal.