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v fut [fˈut]

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n A path, sequence, development, or evolution.
n A normal or customary sequence.
n A chosen manner of proceeding.
n Any ordered process or sequence or steps
n A learning program, as in a school.
n (context|especially in|_|medicine) A treatment plan
n The itinerary of a race.
n A part of a meal.
n (sports) The trajectory of a ball, frisbee etc.
n (nautical) The direction of movement of a vessel at any given moment.
n (navigation) The intended passage of voyage, such as a boat, ship, airplane, spaceship, etc.
n (nautical) The lowest square sail in a fully rigged mast, often named according to the mast.
n (context|masonry) A row of bricks or blocks.
n (roofing) A row of material that forms the roofing, waterproofing or flashing system.
n (textiles) In weft knitting, a single row of loops connecting the loops of the preceding and following rows.
n (music) A string on a lute
v To run or flow (especially of liquids and more particularly blood).
v To pursue by tracking or estimating the course taken by one's prey.
a (form of|(colloquial|sub=labelcat) variant|of course)