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chase []


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v űz [ˈyːz]

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n The action of the verb "to chase".
n (uncountable) A children's game where one player chases another.
n Anything being chased, especially a vessel in time of war.
n (context|real tennis) The occurrence of a second bounce by the ball in certain areas of the court, giving the server the chance, later in the game, to "play off" the chase from the receiving end and possibly win the point.
v (transitive) To hunt.
v (transitive|cricket) To attempt to win by scoring the required number of runs in the final innings.
v (transitive|baseball) To swing at a pitch outside of the strike zone, typically an outside pitch
v (transitive|baseball) To produce enough offense to cause the pitcher to be removed
n (printing) A rectangular steel or iron frame into which pages or columns of type are locked for printing or plate making.
n A groove cut in an object; a slot: the chase for the quarrel on a crossbow.
n The part of a gun in front of the trunnions.
n The cavity of a mold.
v (transitive) To groove; indent.
v (transitive) To cut (the thread of a screw).
v (transitive) To decorate (metal) by engraving or embossing.