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n An explosion.
n A violent gust of wind.
n A forcible stream of air from an orifice, as from a bellows, the mouth, etc. Hence: The continuous blowing to which one charge of ore or metal is subjected in a furnace; as, to melt so many tons of iron at a blast.
n A loud, sudden sound.
n (figuratively) A good time; an enjoyable moment.
v (intransitive) To make a loud noise.
v (transitive) To shatter, as if by an explosion.
v (transitive) To open up a hole in, usually by means of a sudden and imprecise method (such as an explosion).
v (transitive) To curse; to damn.
v (transitive) (context|sci-fi) To shoot, especially with an energy weapon (as opposed to one which fires projectiles).
v (soccer) To shoot; kick the ball in hope of scoring a goal.
v (intransitive|obsolete) To be blighted or withered.
! Blast it; damn it.