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n A safe and guaranteed place of storage for and retrieval of important items or goods.
v (intransitive) To deal with a bank or financial institution.
v (transitive) To put into a 'bank'.
n (nautical|hydrology) An elevation, or rising ground, under the sea; a shallow area of shifting sand, gravel, mud, and so forth (for example, a sandbank or mudbank).
n (aviation) The incline of an aircraft, especially during a turn.
v (transitive) To cause (an aircraft) to 'bank'.
v (transitive) To form into a 'bank' or heap, to bank up.
v (transitive) To cover the embers of a fire with ashes in order to retain heat.
n A row or panel of items stored or grouped together.
n A row of keys on a musical keyboard or the equivalent on a typewriter keyboard.
v (transitive|order and arrangement) To arrange or order in a row.