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n A colour between red and white; pale red.
n (context|snooker) One of the colour balls used in snooker, with a value of 6 points.
n (colloquial) A common minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus.
n (colloquial) A young Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, before it becomes a smolt; a parr.
n (slang) A unlettered and uncultured, but relatively prosperous, member of the middle classes; compare babbitt, bourgeoisie.
a Having a colour between red and white; pale red.
a Of a fox-hunter's jacket: scarlet.
a (obsolete) By comparison to red (communist), describing someone who sympathizes with the ideals of communism without actually being a Russian-style communist: a pinko.
n A narrow boat.
v To prick with a sword.
v (context|of a motor car) To emit a high "pinking" noise, usually as a result of ill-set ignition timing for the fuel used (in a spark ignition engine).