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v van [vˈɑn]

englanti (3)

be [bˈiː]


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v (sense|copula | copular) To be (indicating that the subject and the complement of the verb form the same thing).
v (intransitive) To be (to occupy a place).
v (intransitive) ~ (olla olemassa | olemassa) = to existthe subject often indefinite = in partitive case -> verb in 3rd-pers. singular
v (intransitive) To behave, act (as if...) (when followed by a subordinate clause beginning with (ikään,) kuin, requiring conditional mood).
v (transitive|auxiliary) To have (a verb to build active present perfect tense and active past perfect tense, taking active past participle, ending -nut/-nyt (singular) or -neet (pl.)).
v (transitive|auxiliary) To have (a verb to build impersonal simple past tense, impersonal passive present perfect tense and impersonal passive past perfect tense, taking passive past participle, ending -tu/-ty).
v (intransitive) adessive + 3rd-pers. singular + nominative/partitive/accusative = to have; to own, to possess.
v (intransitive) missä + 3rd-pers. singular + nominative/partitive = there is / are + subject + where?
v (intransitive) genitive + 3rd-pers. singular + passive present participle, -tava/-tävä = to have to do something, must do something; be obliged/forced to do something.