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v fit [fˈɪt]
v wage [wˈeɪdʒ]


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v (intransitive|of a clock) to go
v (intransitive|of time) to go by
v (intransitive|+ inessive or adessive) to visit, go to (and return), attend (a place)
v (intransitive|+ adessive) to go do
v (transitive|+ partitive) to study (at)
v (intransitive|monopersonal|inessive or adessive + 3rd-pers. sg. + an adverb) to happen, go (with the subject "it")
v (context|genitive + 3rd-pers. sg. + an adverb) to happen (to somebody)
v (context|an adjective in partitive singular, or "mitä" in a question + 3rd-pers. sg. + allative) to happen (to something)
v (intransitive|+ elative) to pass (for)
v (intransitive|chemistry) to ferment, become fermented, yeast