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a (context|participial adjective) Having been 'cut'.
a (rfc-sense) (cricket|of a shot) Played with a horizontal bat to hit the ball backward of point.
a (bodybuilding) Having muscular definition in which individual groups of muscle fibers stand out among larger muscles.
a (Australia|NZ|slang) Emotionally hurt.
a Eliminated from consideration during a recruitment drive.
a Removed from a team roster.
a (NZ) Intoxicated as a result of drugs or alcohol.
n An opening resulting from cutting.
n The act or right of dividing a deck of playing cards.
n The manner or style a garment is fashioned in.
n A slab, especially of meat.
n (fencing) An attack made with a chopping motion of the blade, landing with its edge or point.
n A deliberate snub, typically a refusal to return a bow or other acknowledgement of acquaintance.
n (archaeology) A truncation, a context that represents a moment in time when other archaeological deposits were removed for the creation of some feature such as a ditch or pit.
v (transitive|computing) To remove and place in memory for later use.
v (intransitive) To enter a queue in the wrong place.
v (intransitive|cinema|audio|usually as imperative) To cease recording activities.
v (transitive) To reduce, especially intentionally.
v (transitive) To form or shape by cutting.
v (transitive|cricket) To make the ball spin sideways by running one's fingers down the side of the ball while bowling it. (rfex)
v (intransitive) To change direction suddenly.
v (transitive|slang) To write
v (transitive|dated) To ignore as a social snub.
v (transitive|slang) To wound with a knife.
v (transitive) To exhibit (a quality).