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n A hiding from view.
n (topology) A set (more often known as a family) of sets, whose union contains the given set.
n (legal) In commercial law, a buyer’s purchase on the open market of goods similar or identical to the goods contracted for after a seller has breached a contract of sale by failure to deliver the goods contracted for.
n (context|insurance) An insurance contract; coverage by an insurance contract.
n (context|espionage) A persona maintained by a spy or undercover operative, cover story
a Of or pertaining to the front cover of a book or magazine.
v To be over or upon, as to conceal or protect.
v To be upon all of, so as to completely conceal.
v To set upon all of, so as to completely conceal.
v (intransitive) To act as a replacement.
v (transitive) To have as an assignment or responsibility.
v (music) To make a cover version of (a song that was originally recorded by another artist).
v (military|law enforcement) To protect using an aimed firearm and the threat of firing; or to protect using continuous, heaving fire at or in the direction of the enemy so as to force the enemy to remain in cover; or to threaten using an aimed firearm.
v To copulate with (said of certain male animals such as dogs and horses).