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n A piece of land left unplowed at the end of a field.
n (slang) Body; self.
n (slang) A used cigarette.
n A push, thrust, or sudden blow, given by the head; a head butt.
n A thrust in fencing.
n The portion of a half-coupling fastened to the end of a hose.
n The end of a connecting rod or other like piece, to which the boxing is attached by the strap, cotter, and gib.
n (context|carpentry) A kind of hinge used in hanging doors, etc., so named because it is attached to the inside edge of the door and butts against the casing, instead of on its face, like the strap hinge; also called butt hinge.
n (context|shipbuilding) The joint where two planks in a strake meet.
n (context|leather trades) The thickest and stoutest part of tanned oxhides, used for soles of boots, harness, trunks.
n The hut or shelter of the person who attends to the targets in rifle practice.
n (context|English units) An English measure of capacity for liquids, containing 126 wine gallons which is one-half tun; equivalent to the pipe.
n A wooden cask for storing wine, usually containing 126 gallons.
n (obsolete|West of England) hassock.
v To strike bluntly, particularly with the head.