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n (volleyball) Any contact with the ball other than a serve or block which sends the ball across the plane of the net.
n (lacrosse) The three attackmen on the field or all the attackmen of a team.
n An active episode of a chronic or recurrent disease.
n (context|audio) The amount of time it takes for the volume of an audio signal to go from zero to maximum level (e.g. an audio waveform representing a snare drum hit would feature a very fast attack, whereas that of a wave washing to shore would feature a slow attack).
v (transitive) To aggressively challenge a person, idea, etc., with words (particularly in newspaper headlines, because it typesets into less space than "criticize" or similar).
v (transitive) To deal with something undesirable in a direct way.
v (soccer) To move forward in an attempt to actively score point, as opposed to trying not to concede.